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Hailing from Aarhus, Denmark, the quartet Clapper juxtaposes classic soul- and fusion jazz vibes with inspiration from instrumental hip hop and future beats. Their debut album "On Tempo" is showcasing the group’s knack for melodic improvisation and neck-snapping switch-ups, and, once and for all, underlining the potential on the young Danish scene today.

The four members - Frederik Emil Bülow (drums), Adrian Christensen (bass), Jeppe Lavsen (Guitar), and Malthe Jepsen (Piano & Rhodes) - are well-known faces in Danish music, also playing in acts such as Abekejser, Hvalfugl, Karmen Rõivassepp Quartet, Bangin’ Bülows Nice Jazz Quartet, and Casper Hejlesen Kvartet, respectively. Together, they’re able to strum out new music instinctively:

”It’s not important for us to adhere to any particular genre or style”, Jeppe remarks. “We just meet up, have fun, and improvise over riffs we’re digging. Having played together for so many years, it takes a very short time to click and move in the same direction. And from there, it’s simply a matter of picking and working with the best ideas from our improvised sessions.”

The same energy translates to their live shows - regular tour de forces in beat-focused jazz that, although the melodic cheerfulness might deceive new listeners, often end up in high-octane fusion workouts with crowds and musicians alike on their feet.
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