Nyboe // The Other Coast Got Something To Say

Nyboe is a Danish hip hop vinyl DJ for almost 20 years - specialising in west coast and south hiphop, boom bap, instrumental sets, Danish rap and crosses into especially library music, jazz, trip hop, breaks and soul.

The mix is among other things a tribute to the skate videos coming out of my hometown Aarhus, both in the earlier days but certainly also in newer times, from the likes of VX8000 and Doggs4Life, where you can as easily hear a track from Dru Down, Ice Cube or Tru as you can a Pete Rock, Sean Price or Biggie cut.
R.I.P. to Skt. Anna Gade and Manual!” @nyboe


Den Stenede Rille - Kold Vinyl Intet Svar

Den Stenede Rille - The DJ duo, consisting of Asbjørn and Mads, is in itself a holy grail. In recent years, they have carved their name deep into the groove of the Copenhagen DJ and cratedigging scene.

On their own poetic and mythical journey, they have managed to unearth some of the most obscure and rare records. The kind of records that dedicated diggers would sell their souls to get their dusty fingers on.

This mixtape has been a long time coming.. a product of darkness and the last convulsions of winter, which bears the mark of melancholy and longing for their spiritual leader, Ole.


DJ Digga ‘Sunrun’

The next mixtape in our series is mixed and compiled by André Schierenbeck aka. DJ Digga - @run_for_shelta founder straight out of Gothenburg, Sweden!

Shelta is one of our latest partners that we are very excited about. Shelta is like a counterpart from our neighboring country with a strong history and love for many like-minded things in life.



We teamed up with Garment Project for a collaboration paying homage to mid-90's skateboard culture and aesthetics.
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