It’s December 1st and snow has fallen in Copenhagen.

With an urge to share something warm and peaceful in these times, we present our next mixtape.

Jabar's Christmas Stocking // Pasteelo Mixtape 32.

Mixed & compiled by Jabar, who’s dug deep into the stash to find the funky side of Christmas.

Merry Christmas y'all


Graded - Wheels of Steelo

5 times Danish DMC Champion, 2 times Nordic DMC Champion and placed number 5 and 6 at the DMC World Finals - tells a lot. Graded’s skills on the turntables are hard to compare. Apart from being one of the most talented battle DJs, he is also known to rock a party, an amazing producer/beatmaker and most importantly - a good friend of Pasteelo since day one.

When we first got our hands on the mix from Graded, we were blown away by how accomplished it was - and not least, how accurately it hit the "Pasteelo spirit" with many of our favorite independent hip hop joints from over the years. We immediately felt that this mix deserved a dignified birth – a true mixtape should be on Cassette!



We teamed up with Garment Project for a collaboration paying homage to mid-90's skateboard culture and aesthetics.
Explore the collaboration

Sun Chaser - Mixed and compiled by Benster

The next mixtape we present in our series is by Copenhagen based DJ @benstercph- A true DJ and one of the most active on the Copenhagen scene and beyond. With several years in the game and a wide range in his record bag, Benster is known to rock a party, but is also hip to create atmospheric moments to make you feel nice and easy.

Especially the atmospheric and relaxed aspects are expressed in his Sun Chaser mix. As Benster himself describes:

"I felt inspired to dive into a vibe that a summer day along Christianshavns Kanal will make you feel.. Some of the tracks have been in my record collection for many years - and one of my all time favorite tracks, Floating Through Space by Lonnie Liston Smith is also in this mix”. - Enjoy!


Come by the Pasteelo store on Friday March 24th to celebrate our launch of the DJ JSPR '90now' collaboration.

The collaboration includes t-shirts with prints of epic spots in NYC, a mixtape on cassette with classic joints, rarities, radio freestyles and unreleased demos + a limited edition poster with photos of legendary record stores and other iconic spots in NYC all captured by DJ JSPR in the 90s.
The project is a tribute to our heritage and to the people who have documented the past visually and auditorily for posterity - in this case the man they call DJ JSPR.
Behind the turntables in-store you will find some real Copenhagen heavyweights: DJ Blaze (Upskiboo), Groundbreak (Holdbar Hip Hop) and last but not least DJ JSPR!
See You!


'Rap Mixture' - Mixed and compiled by Nicky Guerrero The next mixtape we present in our series is made by a true legend. For more than 4 decades, Nicky Guerrero has been ripping on the skateboard scene. Everyone who has ever touched a skateboard knows his status in the game with the deepest respect - from the youngest generation in any skatepark to the old street cats or even the legends (Tony Hawk etc., say what?!).. Nicky is a cornerstone of the culture.

Alongside his skateboarding career, Nicky DJs and collects records + cuts up wax with finesse. 'Rap Mixture' is a mix of classic hiphop joints from e.g. Black Moon, Gangstarr, Fugees and more. All records are selected from Nicky's own collection - representing both East and West Coast and beyond. Strictly classic material.
*Catch Nicky behind the turntables in-store tonight! (Friday 17 Feb)