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  1.  Quijada 02:00
  2.  Navi's Secret 00:57
  3.  RVA 01:11
  4.  4-4-2 00:36
  5.  Insomnia 00:42
  6.  ATL Nights 01:21
  7.  Floating 00:33
  8.  Two Steppin 01:00
  9.  Minor Changes 00:34
  10.  Tranquility 00:49

Yellow Spoon is ready with their official fifth release, this time through Pasteelo Records. A 7” which is recorded, produced and mixed by Yellow Spoon and mastered by I Kicked a Cloud Once.
Faithful to habit, here comes a warm and inviting journey of free-music which makes the heads nod and the toes tilt. Together with Pasteelo Records, an extension of legendary Danish creative collective brand, Pasteelo, "Interpretations" comes out on a 7" on May 26th, 2022.

Yellow Spoon is a duo consisting of Christoffer Holm Clausen and Rasmus Riis Sitarz, who play exclusively improvised music on percussion, keyboards and bass, respectively. The sound of Yellow Spoon is a fusion of many styles that have shaped both members: from the fusion of jazz to the breakbeats of hip hop.

In April 2021, the duo released their debut album in close collaboration with the Danish / German label Super Bad Disco (, to great praise and with lots of gigs as a result. Most recently, in February 2022, the album “The Nebula Sessions” was released with the duo
KALEIIDO under the Danish label Celebration Records.
An album that was created during a live Nebula concert (during lockdown) which was streamed live on The Lot Radio NY, and which became the album of the week on national radio jazz station, P8.

In addition to playing P8 Jazz Alive in 2021 and a joint headline tour with KALEIIDO, Yellow Spoon has since its inception played around most of the country, supporting artists such as Gaslamp Killer (US), Fieh (NO), Laura Misch (UK), Charlotte Dos Santos (NO ), Nanna B (DK), Shatter
Hands (DK), Anton Eger (DK / NO) and Abekejser (DK).
released May 26, 2022

Christoffer Holm Clausen - Bass, Nord Piano, Prophet 08, Korg Minilogue
Rasmus Sitarz - Drums, Percussion

Production: Christoffer Holm Clausen & Rasmus Sitarz
Mix: Christoffer Holm Clausen & Rasmus Sitarz
Master: Rasmus Johansen // I Kicked a Cloud Once

Artwork: Ian Johnson
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