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90now Mixtape

Mixed and compiled by DJ JSPR for Pasteelo Records. Limited cassette release.

The A-side contains classic joints and remixes from JSPR’s record collection. The B-side invites deeper into the treasure trove of rarities, radio freestyles and unreleased demos - immortalized by JSPR in the 90s, including recordings from The Stretch Armstrong Show in 1993 and The Hip Hop Spot in 1992 + more.

*The B-side is exclusively available on the cassette release.

DJ JSPR aka Jesper Jensen traveled around New York throughout the 90s documenting the hip hop culture. He did interviews with some of the most legendary groups and personalities from this era and is also the man behind the documentary called Beat Diggin’ - starring Showbiz, Diamond D, Buckwild, Godfather Don og The Beatminerz.

On most of JSPR's diggin' trips around town, he had his brother, beatmaker Ras Beats along. Ras Beats who was resident in New York had contacts to several MC's and producers in the city who participated in the Beat Diggin’ documentary. (Shout out to Ras Beats who still lives in New York, and is blessed with the beats!).

When we got in touch with DJ JSPR and later discovered his archive of analog photos and radio tapes from his trips to NYC, we had only one mission - to bring these gems to light. Enjoy!

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