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Pasteelo-Fidelity Sessions vol. 1. Mixed and compiled by Jabar Ligla for Pasteelo Records. Limited cassette release.

It all started with the cassette.. Growing up in the 90's pre-internet era, meant that our ways to get inspired was by the things we observed in the streets, skate shops, record stores, magazines, VHS tapes or the music we heard on the radio.

Deeply inspired by the US East Coast underground hip hop scene, we started collecting vinyl and doing dubs from the rarely-existing dope DK radio shows.. (thanks to Peder, Knud, Noize, Typhoon & DJ Power for the inspiration!).
Dubbing and compiling the illest joints from the radio to cassette became a weekly rutine.

Piles of mixtapes on cassettes and 20+ internet years later we now felt like doing a tribute cassette to the sounds that raised us.

This is actually the 20th Pasteelo Mixtape - What a way to celebrate!

The mixtape mainly contains instrumentals and a few vocal tracks from the 1994-2000 golden era of independent hip hop
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